Urban Centre and Carly Williams organised the 100 Man Kumite Challenge event in aid of Stop the Heartbreak that took place at the University of Gloucestershire Oxstalls Campus, which they raised £1,797 for the charity.


Around 25 kickboxing enthusiasts ranging from 7 years upwards, came from far and near to spend the morning sparring each other for 100 rounds swapping every 1 and half minutes.


Stop the Heartbreak is a charity that promotes heart screening for 14-35 yr olds to reduce the number of young deaths due to cardiac problems.


Also on the day Carly Williams smashed her way through 102 thick wooden boards with her fist, elbow and very sore feet after all the sparring. It was such a great atmosphere when all who took park and spectators cheered her on when it got touch. Carly raised an astonishing £500 for the charity.


Urban Centre, Carly Williams and Stop the Heartbreak would like to thank all who took part and to those who generously donated which meant the event was a big success.


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