The only international kickboxing team from Gloucester Terror Squad left England again on March 1st to do battle in Europe's biggest tournament in Dublin, Ireland. This competition is called the Irish open pulling in over 32 different countries like the USA, Canada, Italy, hungry, and Poland with the list going on.


Fighters from the team, Samuel Prout aged 13, Jaime Westcarr aged 8, Neicha Newton aged 9, Bromley Taylor aged 12, Megan Rochester aged 13 and Kyle Swaby aged 21.


This young team of fighters went out and fought like warriors. They didn't back down at all. They all stepped up to the challenge in an event that held over 2900 competitors.


Neicha and Jaime entering the under 12s section both did extremely well. Jaime westcarr held his own but lost in the first round to a much older competitor. Neicha Newton won her first round by a 3-points lead but then lost in the second round to yet again a much older competitor. These young warriors stepped up to the challenge even though they were the underdogs of the sections and did exceptionally well! The team is very proud of how well they did.


Bromley Taylor and Samuel Prout both put on great fights and both looked to be the strongest fighters in their sections. Bromley entering the girls under 12 years at +47kg and Samuel Prout entering the boys under 12 +47kg. These fighters went out to show they meant the business but both coming up against both Irish fighters in the sections the referring was very shameful as both fighters come out with a loss in the first round losing by a point.

Megan Rochester who went to the tournament as an underdog of her section came back to England as Irish open European champion of 2013. Megan put on a great performance and made her self-known to all the other fighters out there that she is here to win. Megan fought 4 fights to win; her first fight was close winning by a point, her second and third fight Megan made it look easy winning by a 10-point lead. The final was a very hot final, both fighters really showed they really wanted to win but Megan's will and determination showed more and the out come was Megan to be victorious and to take her rank with the rest of the teams championship line up!


Kyle Swaby had the biggest fighting group of the whole tournament with over 72 fighters from different countries. Kyle first fight was against a German fighter which he won by two points that made him go through to the second round. Fighting an Italian in the second round Kyle won again by 3 points in a great battle to secure him in the third round. In the third round Kyle was up against the favorite to win the section. Kyle went head to head with the fighter to then lose out by a point. It was a great defeat witch could have gone either way.


Coach Carl Swaby said he is very proud of all of his fighters! Very gutted for Bromley and Sam but its something that happens in all sports that the competitors and coaches cannot control. The team represented them selves very professional in winning and in defeat. They are keeping their heads held high and are all straight back in the centre training hard for their next international event.

Terror Squad is a international team currently looking for sponsorship. They compete all over the country every month and travel across the world competing. They train at Urban Kickboxing Centre in Gloucester. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the team or an individual please contact Kyle Swaby 07771547338 or email

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