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Urban Kickboxing Centre

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E: info@urbankickboxingcentre.com
Tel: 01452 690140

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Urban Kickboxing Centre is the home of Urban Kickboxing, where students are offered an exciting, well-structured and healthy timetable, which is packed with high standard of quality classes, from Kickboxing, to optional Sparring Classes and even Light/Full Contact Training and Points Training classes.

UKC consists of two main areas for our students and clients. At the front of the Centre is a welcoming reception area with a spacious waiting area where parents can wait and relax while their children are training. From our reception area leads straight into our impressive fitness area with all the gym equipment you need (treadmill, spin bikes, free weights, resistance machines and much more), and then onto our fully matted training area and boxing ring which provides students with a feel and look that can only be experienced.


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Urban Fitness (16yrs +)

These sessions are aimed to target all tastes and attract people from all levels of fitness. As part of Urban Fitness, our aim is to find the healthy exercise plan to suit every individual and help motivate them in achieving their every goal.


Lil Champions (4yrs – 8yrs)

This session is designed to help your child develop their balance, co-ordination, the ability to follow basic instructions, discipline, teamwork and much more. These sessions are fun orientated, educational and are a great way to introduce your children to the world of Martial Arts.


Junior Kickboxing (8yrs – 14yrs)

Teaches juniors key martial art skills that can be used in everyday life. Juniors are normally influenced down the wrong path, so our main objective is to fill our junior students with positivity, confidence and direction to the right path.


Adults Kickboxing  (14yrs +)

Adult kickboxing class is focused on delivering all the benefits that come with committing to this martial arts, learning new skills, techniques and self-defence. This class also consists wide range of core strength exercises, mixed with high tempo cardio-vascular drills that will work you to the maximum.


Kickboxing (8yrs +)

This is mixed for all students and family members that wish to train together. These classes are also focused on delivering all the benefits that come with committing to this exciting martial arts. Learn new skills, techniques, self-defence and develop core skills. Also with a full body workout, conditioning, bag/focus mitts blasting and sparring work.


Ladies Kickboxing (12yrs +)

Get all the benefits of kickboxing. Learn new skills, technique, self-defence and join the growing society of kickboxing fans and celebrities who use this amazing martial arts to get into shape using a full body conditioning workout within kickboxing.


Points Training (8yrs +)

This is one of our specialist classes where the entire session is dedicated to points fighting training. Points fighting is known worldwide. The class will cover all the main aspects of the modern points game including front leg kicking, distance control, moving, technical deliver and much more.


Light/Full Contact Training  (14yrs + on Mon & Thurs. 8yrs + on Wends)

This is another one of our specialist classes where the entire session is dedicated to light/full contact training. Light and full contact is also known worldwide in the world of kickboxing. The class covers strength, focus mitt training, moving, technical deliver and much more.


Competition Training

This session is for our elite fighters only. Fighters will get picked by coaches to join this session.


Grading's, Workshops and Terror Squad Training

Certain dates - Visit our 'Calendar' page for dates.


Open Centre

The whole of the Centre, Matted Area, Punch Bags, Boxing Ring and Fitness Area is open to the public to use. Every child under 10yrs must have a guardian present.


Private sessions

This is great opportunity to train in a private session with any of the founders (Carl or Kyle Swaby). This is a guaranteed way to enhance your training results instantly. Private sessions are very different to your weekly training classes as the attention to detail is greatly increased. You will see a faster progression level once you start training in the class.