2014 has been a great start for our team Terror Squad. The team has been training hard as soon as the New Year was up and January started. The Irish open is one of the world’s biggest kickboxing tournaments the world. It is said it is just as big as the US Open. For winners that win, it’s like winning a world championship tittle. So the team knew they were in the fight of their lives when stepping up once again on their journey of becoming world champions.


The team of fighters who competed at the Irish open was Carl Swaby, Jessica Prout, Megan Rochester, Bromley Taylor, Mitra Hoj, and Brandon Bircher. The coaches who were there and supported the fighters were Head Coach Kyle Swaby, Jonathan Poole and Anthony Swaby.


Day 1

First to fight from the team was Carl Swaby who competed in full contact kickboxing -70kg. Carl’s first fight lasted less than a minute, with Carl finishing his opponent with a jump spinning back kick in the first round.


Day 2

Next to fight was yet again Carl Swaby the next morning fighting against the USA Allstar. The fight was a great battle lasting all 3 rounds and went to the point’s cards. Having unanimous decision Carl ahead on points sees him through to the semi finals.


Fighting from the team was Mitra Hoj, fighting in light continuous -55kg. Mitra put up a great fight against her opponent but losing out on points, which took her out of the competition.


Carl was back on again in the afternoon of that day, after resting up against the battle with the Allstar; Carl was now about to do battle with the Dutch man who looked to be the strongest fighter in the competition. The Dutch man had knocked out every one of he's opponents in the first round so far so there was not much to go on from studying his style of fighting. The fight again went the distance and again a unanimous decision to Carl on points, this saw Carl going all the way to the final, which was the next morning.


Day 3

The last day of the competition and the rest of the team are up and ready to compete.


The last fight for Carl and meeting him in the final was a Scottish man. In the first round of the fight Carl and the Scottish man didn't do much as they were very weary of each other. The second round was much different as both fighters up the pace but with Carl picking his shots carefully putting him in the lead of the fight. The last round the Scottish man wanted to win he had to go for the knock out, but Carl still picking his shots well picking off the Scottish man as he attacks. Coming into the last 15second of the fight Carl throws a massive spinning hook kick to his opponents head knocking him down to the canvas. Never knowing if the Scottish fighter was ever going to get up the bell rings making Carl Irish open champion 2014.First up Brandon Bircher competitions in the -28kg, it was a fight between Italy and England. Brandon went out straight away to do what he had been trained to do. Brandon dominated the fight walking away with a victory win for the team.

He then again returned to the mats for round 2 of his fight. It was now Ireland vs. England. Brandon again dominated the fight but then lost out in the last few seconds of the fight with his opponent getting a sneaky head kick which put his opponent into the lead as time ran out.


Next up was Jessica Prout who was up against an Irish girl. Jess was leading the fight and then closing in the Irish girl in the last 30 seconds started to win back points, enough points to steel the win. Jessica’s opponent went on making it to the final and losing by a point.


Bromley Taylor was also up against an Irish fighter; the fight was not a fair fight, as referees were not scoring any of Bromley's points. This was a completely unfair fight and very disappointing for our team as we feel if the referees were different then it would have been a complete different result.


Last up was Megan Rochester, yet again a very disappointing decision for our team thanks to the referees. The refs were not scoring any of the points Megan was making so clear to scoring, but nothing. Megan looked like she was in her own league compared to her competition. Many people were saying how much of a terrible decision the referees were making and how unfair our fighter got treated.


This group of athletes trains so hard giving up a lot of evenings and weekends to be part of the team. These athletes are already champions for the dedication and hard work they put in to being who they are. And still after the weekend it has been agreed they will get back and continue to train hard for their next competition. Hard work pays off, without sacrifice there cannot be a victory. Well done TERROR SQUAD.

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