Urban Kickboxing Centre (UKC) provides a range of classes to all of its students allowing UKC to provide for students from 4 years + of age and from complete beginners to established black belts and even to World and European Champions. All of UKC classes are provided by coaches that are qualified and professional as well as being very experienced, energetic and motivated meaning all UKC students are able to learn martial arts in a safe, enjoyable and motivating environment.


UKC is one of the leading martial arts centres in Gloucestershire today and is recognised for the ability to teach the highest quality of kickboxing to all. UKC not only takes pride in teaching students the physical side of martial arts to the highest standard but also students martial arts mentality and promotes them to be the best they can in every way possible.


UKC provides a coaching team with over 50 years of combined experience and constantly ensures they’re available to teach, motivate and inspire all UKC students as well as continuing to grow, learn and develop themselves as people and coaches. This ensures every individual leaves having truly benefited from all their priceless knowledge.

UKC caters for all students in a real and honest manner which is very important to the core principles of UKC; this makes UKC differ from other schools where students may be simply told what they want to hear because it benefits their business. UKC remains unique in this aspect by teaching students with honesty and professionalism, so whatever the student’s goal may be UKC are able to assist them achieve it.


UKC has guided many of its athletes towards incredible achievements and honours such as World Titles, European Titles, Irish Open Titles and U.S. Open Titles.

Whatever your goals may be, Urban Kickboxing Centre want to help you achieve them.


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