UKC is a wonderful place to train in a controlled environment and gain life skills for children and adults no matter what age, size or fitness level you are. I have yet to have the same lesson and i have trained for over three years, which is what keeps me training, very interesting and fun.

I have met some amazing people and being around so much positivity and being accepted fo who you are. I have completely changes as a sperson, so much more confident, believe in myself, learning to deal with nerves with sparring, tournaments, gradings, sweat, tears, mentally hitting the wall and pushing through them.

The coaches are self motivated and they themselves train in class and take part in tournaments and set a very good example to their students.

Kickboxing it's not just a sport, it's so much more than that. It's about being a team, a family and changing lives. I can't thank the people of UKC enough for changing my life and especially the coaches Carl and Kyle Swaby.

Sobna Patel.

Adult Kickboxing Student

Jaime Westcarr.

Junior Kickboxing Student

Jaime has been training at UKC for four years now, and has developed into a dedicated, focused young kickboxer. Carl & Kyle are Jaime's idols and looks up to them not just in training but in every day-to-day life. They have helped him to be the boy/kickboxer he wants to be!

UKC is a great place for all ages & abilities. Its fun but disiplined at the same time. Jaime thoroughly enjoys training, especially the gradings. He is inspired by Carl & Kyle and wants to achieve to a high level. UKC is a big part of our lives, and we wouldnt be without them. - Nikki Budding

We train as a family, which gives us a hobby in common and bonds us closer as a family. Since Poppy, Jasmine & Charlie have been a part of UKC, they have gained confidence, fitness, determination, commitment to task, skill and discipline. Not only are the children learning a lifeskill, they have made some great friends and see UKC as a part of their everyday life. They have more energy and benefit massively from the kids camp and other activities that UKC organise. Carl & Kyle are great role models for the children, always havng time & patience to chat socially to the kids aswell as teaching.

I have benefited from the fitness side of kickboxing, gaining strength, stamina and flexibility as well as toning up in the varied classes on offer, whilst my children are either doing the class with me or waiting in the a safe environment provided.

Carl & Kyle are such an inspiring individuals that all three of my children at home in their own time, even my 5yr old practices 'blitzing', 'roundhouse kicks' and circuits in his own time, which is testiment to the positive impact the coaches have on their students. - Mandy Bingham

Bingham Family.

Lil Champions, Junior Kickboxing & Adult Kickboxing Students