Do you want to lose weight and replace it with lean ripped muscle?

Available at UKC, our unique and exciting fitness sessions are ONLY from £30.00 per month at our full-time centre based on Bristol Road, Gloucester.


UKC have a fantasic daytime fitness sessions that are guaranteed to motivate you all the time, as well as promoting huge weight loss and increasing toed muscle all over your body. These sessions are the best way to make sure you stick to your goals as you will be working alongside and taught by both Carl and Kyle Swaby.

Every Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am - 10.30am and 7pm - 8pm, Saturday at 9am with MUCH MORE!

This programme is aimed to target all tastes and attract people from all levels of fitness. As part of Urban Fitness, our aim is to find the healthy exercise plan to suit individuals and help motivate them in achieving their every goal.


Urban Fitness has range of programmes on offer:


Urban Fitness Sessions (16yrs +)

• Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am and 7pm, Saturday 9am. The sessions will offer the full body workout aimed to gradually increase your personal fitness level, work on tightening and toning the body and, of course, have great time building up your self-confidence!


Personal Training Sessions

• Available Monday to Saturday 8am - 9pm. The private tuition's will be availble at requst for those who want to work on a one to one basis, getting the full attention of the coach and maximising the benefits gained from an individual session. If you are bored of the gym or tired of keeping yourself motivated in 2014 this is the perfect choice for you! We would love to work with you and help you achieve your personal goals.


Urban Fitness personal training sessions offer : 


• Personalised weight loss programs and nutrition advice

• Family and mixed children and adult group privates

• Kickboxing privates including grading preparation, kicking and boxing specific sessions, 

sparring and fighting specific sessions from beginner to athlete level.

• Event preparation specialized programmes e.g  5k / 10k run events, marathon and ½ marathon 

events, World or European kickboxing championships preparation

• Life coaching and motivational sessions


If you are looking to turn your life around, loosed weight, tone up, prepare for an important charity 

or fundraising sports event or just do something together with your family and friends you will find 

the positive approach of UKC coaches to be inspiring and reassuring making you believe in 

yourself and change you inside out!

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